Alcoholic Nose Explained Gin Blossom Nose and Rhinophyma

For some people, avoiding these things can come as a challenge, especially if they are struggling with an alcohol use disorder. However, this doesn’t mean that recovering from both an alcohol addiction and drinker’s nose is impossible.

  • Confidence – Having an outward condition caused by alcohol abuse such as rhinophyma may prove to be devastating for an individual.
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With the blood vessels open and allowing greater blood flow, patients can appear flushed in the face, neck, and shoulders. Alcoholic nose, medically referred to as rhinophyma, is a condition that causes the nose to become bumpy, red, and swollen.

Rhinophyma and Alcohol Treatment

Alcohol use can worsen a red nose, also known as rhinophyma, but doesn’t cause it to occur. Some people become red-faced or flushed when they drink alcohol, and this is determined by ethnic background and genetics. Rosacea can often appear on the outside to be an acne outbreak or natural coloring on the cheeks.

  • Many of the participants of the study who suffered from alcoholic nose didn’t even drink, thus officially putting an end to the connection.
  • It’s just one of alcohol’s effects on health that you should always watch out for.
  • A combination of medication and lifestyle changes can help manage the rosacea that leads to rhinophyma.
  • However, the truth is that getting a purple nose or red nose from drinking alcohol is usually a temporary condition.
  • The nose may also take on a purple-like hue in these severe rhinophyma cases.

So if you or a loved one have a red or bulbous nose, how can you tell if alcohol has anything to do with the start of their condition? The best next step is to do research and look out for signs of addiction. While there are no severe side effects of alcoholic nose, the main side effect is their physical appearance. Alcoholic nose does not prevent someone from breathing or give them any trouble in their day-to-day life.


Learn which signs to look out for, and how to care for your well-being. Finding the right treatment center means focusing on individual needs. A customized treatment plan will offer treatment services in a setting that is most likely to facilitate long-term recovery. Surgery, including laser treatment or dermabrasion, may be necessary to remove large bumps on the nose from rhinophyma if they interfere with breathing. Dermatology experts recommend anti-acne treatments, moisturizing your dry skin caused by rosacea, and using sunscreen lotions. Each individual is sensitive to alcohol in different ways, so everyone who has rosacea may not see a flare-up after drinking. When left untreated, ocular rosacea may occur, or eyes or that are swollen or red.

But if alcohol is going to continue to be consumed, doctors recommend drinking a tall glass of water between alcohol beverages. Rhino means nose while phyma means a swelling, nodule, or skin tumor. Expand as well as constrict, which can lead to changes in physical appearance such as reddening skin. Alcohol abuse, our admissions team is available to help you or your loved one.

What Is Alcoholic Nose?

If you have rosacea and struggle with alcohol use, you might be putting yourself at risk of experiencing more severe side effects of rosacea. When rhinophyma is severe enough, an individual can have trouble breathing.

why do alcoholics have a purple nose

As stated earlier, the medical definition of an alcoholic nose is rhinophyma. As discussed above, rosacea can be a main contributing factor to redness and flushing of the cheeks. To understand how rosacea can lead to rhinophyma, it’s important to understand what rosacea is, its symptoms, and how it develops. However, alcoholic nose only a small percentage of people with rosacea will develop the condition. One study found that out of 108 patients with rosacea, only 15 were noted to also have rhinophyma, almost all of whom were men. At Georgetown Behavioral Hospital, you can take youraddiction recovery journey one step at a time.

What Is Drinker’s Nose?

Now I know better but I still preach any addiction to bad and should be strongly looked into. I never heard about this condition, but I have seen it before and always wondered what type of skin condition this possibly was. With your treatment program will come a support system of caring people who understand your challenges and will work with you while you strive to become free of addiction.

How long before skin looks better after quitting drinking?

Most people who give up alcohol notice that their skin is dewy, and healthier looking after just one week. By the end of the month, you're likely to see less swelling, clearer skin, and an overall healthy glow.

When blood vessels burst, it makes the blood visible under the surface of the skin, leading to skin redness. In more severe cases, the nose and cheeks can take on a purple hue and start to become severely disfigured as they become more bulbous. If you’re concerned that you or someone you know is drinking too much alcohol, Georgetown Behavioral Hospital near Cincinnati, Ohio can help. Our accredited mental health facility offers numerous therapeutic methods in an inpatient setting to address mental illness and substance abuse.

Stigma Associated With Alcoholic Nose does not endorse any treatment facility or guarantee the quality of care provided, or the results to be achieved, by any treatment facility. The information provided by is not a substitute for professional treatment advice. When left untreated, the skin condition rosacea can cause the nose to grow or become bulbous in appearance. Treatment plans for alcoholism may include detox, inpatient drug rehab, 12-step programs, aftercare and relapse prevention planning, and more. For some individuals with alcohol addiction, it can be more effective to enroll in a treatment program outside of their local community. This way, they are not bombarded with social pressures and stigma close to home. Alcohol use disorder and skin conditions like rosacea are connected because of the potential for alcohol to worsen existing skin conditions.

why do alcoholics have a purple nose

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