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It can sterilize up to nine bottles, along with the bottle accessories, at a time. It can hold five 9oz bottles on the lower part and the five bottle nipples on the upper part of the inner tray. Easy-to-use and straightforward design with very few parts. It takes no more than seven minutes to sterilize the bottles. There are separate stands on the tray for sterilizing four bottles of different sizes, along with other bottle parts, at a time. The sterilizer disinfects using UV light, and can also dry bottles washed with water and soap.

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  • Unless your water supply is suspected to harbor contaminated bacteria, it is as safe for your baby as it is for you.
  • The instructions walk you through how to set the controls to prevent overheating.
  • However, this electric steam sterilizer always focuses on the process of sterilization only and not the aftercare, which is equally essential.
  • If you do not have a microwave, you will need to consider another product, but for those that do, the Tommee Tippe microwave bottle sterilizer will ensure clean bottles whenever you need them.

On top of that, Lollababy also comes with a stainless steel tray, making it convenient to sterilise smaller items like bottle teats, toys, and teethers. Babies are more prone to infections because their immune system is just developing. As such, it is crucial to keep their stuff and surroundings germ-free. Pacifiers, milk bottles, breast pumps, favourite toys and baby clothing should be sanitised pre-and-post use.

High Efficiency & Easy Operation With its 500W power in sterilizing and 180W in drying best toys for 3 year old boys , BABY JOY 3-in-1 sterilizer can complete its work efficiently. We design this sterilizer with accurate temperature and time for you, which can be easy to operate and show the process with LCD monitor. For the parents, the faster, the better because the appetite of the babies is unpredictable. Of course, if you are in a hurry to make food for your baby, every minute counts, so this sterilizer can heat breast milk, formula milk, and infant food in just a couple of minutes. Our first sterilizer is from Motif Medical, it is a combination of electric steamer and dryer.

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Place the bottles on a clean baking tray lined with parchment paper. Use a specially designed cleaner likeCif Oven Cleaner to get the job done. For more details tips and tricks for cleaning the oven, head to our handy guide. This method may sound rather unorthodox, but it’s a great additional step to be extra sure that all bacteria have been removed. It’s important to note that bottle tops should not be baked in the oven, as it could cause them to become warped. Follow these steps on sterilising glass bottles and sterilising wine bottles in the oven.

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The Dr Brown Clean Steam Bottle Sterilizer and Dryer will steam clean, dry and store. It’s also got ample storage inside to hold up to six baby bottles in the main section, and lids, soothers and breast pump parts in the tray. To ensure everything feels bone dry, it comes with a HEPA filter that will purify the air capturing up to 95 percent of airborne particles.

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It comes in a stylish grey shoulder bag with a zipped compartment at the top for sterilising, and another at the base for storage. It is also a way to make sure no harmful germs, bacteria, and viruses get to your baby. But no matter how much you try, your baby will fall ill at some point. Babies immune systems have not been completely developed and they are quite fragile, these sterilizers can protect them, at least 99.99% of the time . The handles on the machine remain cool so you will not burn your fingers in a hurry. If you are looking for an inexpensive and effective model to meet your baby bottle sterilizing needs then this can be a great option.

Then, at the top of the bottles, a tray is placed at the top so that you can hold the small items up. When your child gets older, you can add in the plate tray. There are five slots with the plate tray for placing the plates and bowls with either side having baskets to contain spoons and forks. So when the process is done, it does not dry up the items.

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It is equipped with UV dual bulbs, able to kill 99.9% of any bacteria and flu virus in your household. There is not much information about baby bottle sterilizers, and apparently this is due to the fact that such household items have not got accustomed yet. Most people think that different novelties aren’t worth spending money. As for baby sterilizers, we would say that it is better to save money on something, but to buy this useful and functional item.

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These sterilizers use cold water in which you need to soak the feeding bottles. The best part is that you can use it anywhere, whether it’s your home while traveling, overnight stays, etc. This sterilizer is generally used to disinfect the dental, pharmaceutical, and medical fields, etc. Though bottle sterilizers are incorporating this advanced and effective feature.